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Suzhou Ludi Compressor is subordinate to Suzhou Ludi Medical Technology Co., Ltd. It is a modern non-medical compressor manufacturer integrating the design, development, manufacture and sales of air compressor products. With its solid aerodynamic application technology foundation, our company has devoted more than 10 years to the design and development of silent oil-free air compressors. We can participate in customer's product development and production according to customer's needs, and provide suitable products to customers. We adhering to the spirit of "think what customers want, urgent customers" for customers to solve the problems arising in the actual use process.
We firmly believe that air compressor is our specialty and your right choice in the field of air compressor. This is not our blind arrogance. Our self-confidence stems from the spirit of innovation, solid technical strength, huge production capacity, and timely and thoughtful after-sales service. We believe there will always be a product for you.
Applications: Manufacturing, experimental analysis, biotechnology, measuring instruments, water treatment, environmental monitoring, automation, science and technology communication, petrochemical industry, environmental protection energy, aerospace technology, automobile braking, printing, etc.

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