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Structure of air compressor

An example of a micro oil screw air compressor, it is a Two shaft positive displacement rotary compressor. The intake port is opened at the upper end of the chassis (Casing), the exhaust port opens at the lower part, a pair of high precision main (Yang), vice (Yin) rotor, horizontal and parallel to the inner shell of the machine, and the main (Yang) rotor has five shapes. The tooth, while the vice (Yin) rotor has six teeth. The diameter of the main rotor is large and the diameter of the vice rotors is small. The teeth form a spiral shape, and the teeth are intermeshed with each other. The two ends of the main and auxiliary rotor are respectively supported and positioned by bearings.
There are two kinds of body, one is belt drive, the other is elastic coupling. The elastic coupling connects the motor to the main body by a coupling, and improves the speed of the main rotor through a set of high-precision speed increasing teeth. The belt drive does not have a speed increasing gear, and the belt pulley driven by two speed proportions is driven by the belt.
The motor drives the main rotor by coupling (Coupling), speed increasing gear (Increasing Gear) or belt (Belt). Because the two rotors are meshed with each other, the main rotor directly drives the sub rotor to rotate together. The cooling oil is injected into the meshing part of the rotor directly from the lower part of the compressor casing through the nozzle and mixed with the air to take away the heat generated by the compression to achieve the cooling effect. At the same time, the oil film is formed to prevent direct contact between the metal and metal and to close the gap between the rotor and the shell. The injected lubricant can also reduce the noise caused by high speed compression. Due to the difference of exhaust pressure, the weight of the fuel injection is about 5-10 times that of the air.


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