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Application range of compressor

According to the current development of refrigeration technology, various compressors have their own application range according to their refrigerating capacity.
At present, the piston type refrigeration compressor is mainly used in the fields of household refrigerators, refrigerators and automobile air conditioners, while the rotary compressor has almost monopolized all the share in the field of household air conditioning, and is gradually expanding to the domestic central air conditioning and commercial central air conditioning through the technological innovations such as frequency conversion and double cylinders. There are extensive applications in other fields, such as dehumidifier, heat pump dryer, heat pump water heater and other fields. The scroll compressor is widely used in the field of high power household central air conditioning, commercial refrigeration and heat pump; screw compressor is mainly used in commercial refrigeration and large air conditioning field. In addition, the twin screw compressor is also widely used. It is widely used in many industrial fields such as machinery, metallurgy, electronic power, medicine, packaging, chemical industry, food, mining, textile, transportation and so on.
Rotary and scroll compressors are used in the field of civil air conditioners (household air conditioners and some commercial air conditioners), supplemented by other household appliances, such as heat pump water heater, dehumidifier, heat pump dryer and other household appliances. However, with the continuous progress of refrigeration technology, the application of rotary scroll compressor has expanded to the high-power field.


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