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Working principle of air compressor dryer

Air compressor dryer, also known as: compressed air dryer. Its function is to remove the water in the compressed air. There are a lot of pollutants in the compressed air, including water, oil and solid impurities; solid impurities and oil can be removed by filters, and water must be used as an air compressor dryer.
If you need to choose a air compressor dryer for your production service, you need to understand their working principles, energy consumption, effect and so on, to take a comprehensive consideration, the bell for everyone The working principle of the air compressor dryer is summarized.
The working principle of the drying machine:
It is known that the compressed air enters the adsorption tower (or the adsorption core) to dry, and the dry air enters another adsorbent container that has been filled with water, and brings its water to the container to complete regeneration, cycle work and supply continuous dry air for production. Qi.
Principle of freezing dryer:
When the compressed air is entered into a cold dryer, the water is separated by a cooler, a exchanger, a gas water separator and other devices, and then discharged through a drainage device. Compressed air is treated by cryopreservation, and then enters the thermostat to heat up, avoiding the problem of dew drop and rust in the pipeline.
The dew point of the cold dry machine is generally about -20 C, and it can meet some production of low gas quality, and the dew point of the dryer can reach -80 C, which can basically meet the quality demand of all domestic production.


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