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  • air compressor DPS501-9

Name:air compressor DPS501-9

Cat:Air compressor

  • Detail

    Power: 550W (110V-220V, 60HZ-50HZ)
    Pressure switch: 5~8BAR or 6~8BAR (kg, optional)
    Maximum exhaust volume: 115L/min (0 kg)
    Rated exhaust volume: 40 L/min (7 kg)
    Noise value: less than 53 decibels (5 decibels)
    Gas storage tank: 9L (built-in spray)
    Oil content: 0 (hygienic grade air)
    Dew point: about +2 C
    Net gross weight: 22.5 kilograms and 28 kilograms
    Appearance size: 340*340*510mm

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